Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Server MADNESS!!!

So let's just start off by saying, I have a WHOOOLE new respect for all waitersaround the world (and you should too). If you didn't already know, I just started waitingtables at the Olive Garden (the new one on 190). Let's just say it's been wild.

I spent a whole week taking a crash course in Olive Garden 101. I tried everything on the menuwhich made me absolutely sick (not cuz it's bad, but because I had 20 things at one time), I learned a TON about wine, and then of course, how to put all the orders in the computer.Now, "training" is good and all, but nothing can get you more ready than actually serving someone. SO, a couple of days before opening, each server got a chance to serve a table of other employees to get some experience under the belt. WELL, let's just say, I didn't do too well! You know, here I am, I've got their drinks out, I've got their bread and salad out,I'm doing great. I thought. Until about 20 minutes later, one of the guys is like, "Man, that appetizer sure is taking long..." To which I replied, "Oh wow! It SUUURE is! Let me go check on that!"-knowing good and well I had never entered it into the computer at all. WONDERFUL Adam, you're on your first table and you've ALREADY screwed it up. So naturally, I go put the appetizer into the computer aaand their meal comes out before it. What do I say to that?I mean, sure these aren't exactly REAL dinner guests, but they ARE other servers who totally think I'm an idiot now. So, I try to sort of laugh it up a little by coining the new phrase "after-tizer" and explaining that sometimes it's nice to have a little after-dinner snack (even if it is a small pepperoni pizza). But while I'm trying to mend things with my table my wonderful and ever-present manager walks up behind me and says "Alright, WHAT happened".Well "I'm not gonna lie," I said, "I didn't even PUT their appetizer into the computer." She was a little shocked by the bluntness, but I think she appreciated it. SO anyway, I felt like a loser for a couple of days, that is, until "the big spill".

Ohhhhh the Big Spill... Well let's not beat around the bush, I spilled a glass of wine on someone, OK?! Geez. It happens to everyone doesn't it? Actually, it really does, people spill ALL the time, which doesn't make it OK, it just makes it common. Anyway, the woman was very VERY nice about it which kept me calm. Oh, and it WAS the infamous staining RED wine...

SO, now I've been on the clock for about a week and *knock on wood* everything's going OK for now. So everyone make sure you come visit me at the good ole OG! (Call me to make sure I'll be there) And then request Adam R. YA, there are THREE Adams that work at the OG. Crazy, especially cuz there's no Davids, whom I know like, 400.

SO, the moral of the story is: be NICE to waiters! They have a WHOLE lot to do, AND remember (even though I would never do anything because that is just WRONG) they ARE the ones responsible for your food...

=The END=